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ECOXPRO Owners Manual

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ECOXPRO Info Sheet

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Is the ECOXPRO waterproof & can the ECOXPRO be used in water?
YES. The ECOXPRO meets the IPX7 waterproof standard. The ECOXPRO can be used in the pool, the hot tub and the ocean without issues. Batten down the hatches and play your tunes worry free! Plus, the ECOXPRO floats! (Be careful, both latches must be closed properly to keep the ECOXPRO watertight.)

What is IPX7?
The IPX7 Waterproof Standard means that the product is protected against water immersion. ECOXGEAR tests all their products by submerging them in AT LEAST 3 feet of water. This means that our products, including the ECOXPRO can withstand use in the water. Be careful of other products that claim to be waterproof but are only IPX5 or less. They will leak and sink to the bottom of the pool under the fun conditions above.

Will the ECOXPRO sink?
The ECOXPRO is designed to float with up to 1 lb. of cargo. For the average load, that means you can put your Smartphone, keys & cash in the storage compartment and float without issue.

Can you hear the music underwater?
You can play the unit under water. But of course unless you are dolphin, you will not be able to clearly make out the audio. Although you can hear music underwater, the ECOXPRO was not made for the purpose of listening to music underwater. The quality of the sound will be best heard if above water. That is why the ECOXPRO will float with the speakers pointed up!

What is the difference between the ECOXPRO and the ECOEXTREME?
They are the same, except the ECOXPRO adds a waterproof headphone jack for those time where you don’t want to disturb others around you.

Does the ECOXPRO need any batteries?
Yes, the ECOXPRO uses 3 standard AA batteries. You will get over 30 hours of playtime. Plenty of time to enjoy the whole day at the beach!

Does the ECOXPRO charge your smartphone or MP3 player?
NO. The ECOXPRO will not charge a smartphone or MP3 player.

Will my smartphone fit inside?
The internal measurements for the ECOXPRO are 1.0 x 3.1 x 6.1 inches. Your iPhone 4 & 5 fits perfectly in the compartment with room for your wallet and keys. The Samsung S4 also fits. However, the Samsung Note is where the ECOXPRO draws the line. The larger 6″ phones are just too big.

Is the ECOXPRO a radio and a case?
The ECOXPRO is a speaker system for your music device. This means that the ECOXPRO is designed to play music from your music device. There is not a AM/FM radio built in. However, feel free to stream your favorite radio station or Pandora or Spotify channel from your smartphone while it is safely inside the compartment.

What it the Pressure Release Valve (PRV) feature?
As you climb or descent in altitude, the ambient pressure changes. The ECOXPRO PRV is a waterproof system designed to automatically adjust for changes in ambient pressure to ensures you can open the ECOXPRO front door without issue. Whether you open or close the ECOXPRO front door at the high altitudes of a mountain top, or the low altitudes of the beach, you can always do so with ease.

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