Extreme Audio Case for Extreme Protection


ECOXPRO is designed for use on the water and offers protection for your mobile device from the Earth’s elements.

Headset Jack

Waterproof jack fits any 3.5mm headset and can be used with waterproof ECOXBUDS (optional) for a complete waterproof audio experience.

Rugged Design

ECOXPRO is impact resistant. Use it at the beach, mountains, and anywhere where you want to go.

Universal Fit

Designed to fit mp3 players including your iPhone 4/4S & 5, Samsung S3, Android, Windows & Blackberry.

It Floats!

ECOXPRO floats with up to 1/2 lb of your personal cargo inside it’s water-tight compartment.

Battery Life

Listen to your tunes all day. With up to 30 hrs of play time you won’t miss a beat.

High Altitude

The watertight pressure release valve allows the device to operate at any altitude. The compartment always remains functional at the top of the mountain or on the plane ride to fun.