No Worries…from the beaches of the Bahamas, to the deserts of Arizona to the mountains of the Swiss Alps. ECOXGEAR products are made to take a beating. Just Play…in the snow, sand and water.


ECOXGEAR products come with a watertight pressure release valve. This allows you to open and close your device at any altitude. The compartment always remains functional at the top of the mountain or on the water at the beach.


Drop it, bump it, bang it. ECOXGEAR products are made with the toughest polycarbonate plastic and rubberized sides for ultimate protection.


Swimming lessons. ECOXGEAR products are designed to float in the water alongside with you. Load up the watertight compartment with your phone, wallet, keys and dive in.


ECOXGEAR products are certified IPX7 waterproof. Play with it on the water stress free.

ECOXGEAR floats!