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12 Best Roadtrips in America

Calling all weekend warriors and adventures seekers! We’ve just found the list of the 12 best American road trips and we’re stoked! If you’re like us and love the outdoors and some exploring, check out this list. With summer just a month or two away, it’s time to start planning your summer vacations or get ideas for spontaneous trips. While every trip on here looks amazing, we’ve picked out our top 5 we hope to take this summer:


1. Beartooth Highway: This 212 mile journey through Montana and Wyoming looks like an unbelievably gorgeous route that we are dying to take!
2. Overseas Highway, Florida: Going from Key Largo, FL to Key West, FL, this highway has gorgeous views of turquois ocean water.
3. Pacific Coast Highway: Of course we had to add in this scenic road trip starting in California (being from San Diego, we know how pretty this route actually is). If you choose this trip, you’ll get scenery of the gorgeous California coast and mountains.
4. Route 6 (Cape Cod, MA): With 117 miles going through the Cape Cod area, you’ll see forests, colonial villages, and eventually the Provincetown harbor.

5. Going the Sun Road: Making our list twice is another Montana route, this time taking you through Glacier National Park (arguably the most scenic park in America).

If you’re in the mood for a summer road trip, check out the full list of the 12 best American road trips and start planning now! We know we can’t wait to cross a few of these off our list. And don’t forget your ECOXGEAR speakers for an unforgettable trip filled with waterproof fun!

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