3 Playlists to Jam Out to On Your Way to the Slopes

In the midst of winter, chances are you’re hitting the slopes as much as you can. If you’re from sunny San Diego like we are, you may not be hitting the slopes as much as the beach, but we still make it up to the mountains every Skiing, winter season , mountains and ski equipments on ski runnow and then.

While skiing or boarding down your favorite mountain can be the highlight to winter, getting to your favorite mountain can be boring and even long (especially if you’re coming from San Diego). What better way to spice up your road trip than some great playlists to get you pumped for hitting the slopes? We’ve complied some of our favorite playlists you can jam out to with one of our waterproof, Bluetooth speakers, or better yet for the car, our 3Play Bluetooth Receiver.

ecosnowCheck out these awesome playlists and get ready for your next trip up to the mountains:

  1. 8Tracks Roadtrip Playlist: This playlist features indie rock, pop, and alternative music. It’s mellow enough to make you relax but still entertaining enough for long car rides.
  2. Pandora Road Trippin’ Radio: Featuring the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Morrison, Springfield, and more, this playlist will have you rocking out to some of the classics.
  3. 8Tracks Snowboarding Playlists: This isn’t necessarily one playlist, but a whole bunch of playlists designed for hitting the slopes. There’s literally every type of music within these playlists and they will definitely prepare you for an awesome weekend on the mountain.

Nothing makes a car ride more enjoyable than some good music to listen to in order to pass the time. Whether you’re listening on your ECOXGEAR speaker or our 3Play, these playlists will for sure get you amped for hitting the slopes.