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5 Reasons You Need an ECOXGEAR Speaker

You may already own a portable or Bluetooth speaker and think that you’re set. Maybe you even own a water-resistant or splash-resistant speaker, but do you own an ECOXGEAR speaker? We’re different than the rest and here are our 5 reasons why you need an ECOXGEAR speaker this summer:


  1. Listen to your music anywhere: Our speakers are rugged, portable, and WATERPROOF. This means that you can bring your ECOXGEAR speaker with you wherever you decide to go without worrying about protecting it from falling into the river, dropping it on your hike, or spilling your drink on it. We’ve made speakers that are rugged enough to handle your outdoor activities and portable and waterproof so you can literally take them ANYWHERE.
  2. We float: Yes, we’re waterproof, but what’s the point of having a waterproof speaker if you can’t actually use it in the water? That’s why all of our speakers actually float, too. Now, you can take your speaker with you while you float down the river or rush down the rapids.
  3. We mount: Does your speaker have the ability to mount to your bike? Your SUP board? Your shower? Well luckily for you, many of our speakers are mountable meaning you can mount them and jam out. Check out our full line of ECOXGEAR accessories here.
  4. ECOSTONE: Even though you may be out in the woods or camping in a remote location, we never want you to feel out of touch with friends and family. Our ECOSTONE has everything you’ll need to still feel connected with the world while you’re getting away. With a built-in power bank, you can charge your smartphone and never have to worry about your battery dying. And with a built-in LED flashlight, the ECOSTONE can also be used as a flashlight to light up the night!
  5. We rock: Besides the fact that we are consistently featured as some of the best waterproof speakers on the market, we can rock out. Even our little guys, the ECOPEBBLE and ECOROX pack big sound and a great battery life.

So come check us out for yourself and see why owning an ECOXGEAR will make your summer adventures even more amazing.

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