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The ECOSTONE is ECOXGEAR’s newest Bluetooth speaker. Boasting all the same great qualities as our other speakers (waterproof, floats, great battery life) as well as new features like a built in LED flashlight, we think it’s a pretty great portable speaker. But no need to take our word for it, we’ve pulled some reviews from our Amazon customers so you can see what they think of the ECOSTONE.

 “… today all I can say is this device is AMAZING! Seriously this speaker is everything I wanted and …”

Anthony Coladonato: “After receiving my ECOSTONE in the mail today all I can say is this device is AMAZING! Seriously this speaker is everything I wanted and then some. As soon as I unboxed the ECOSTONE I went ahead and played a live performance by my favorite DJ and was immediately blown away. THIS THING IS LOUD! The sound quality is phenomenal and the rear mounted subs kick! For a second I almost forgot I was still in my room and not at a live concert. The Bluetooth connection strength is really strong too, I actually walked my phone down the stairs and into the kitchen and could still here the ECOSTONE bumping away in my room! I’m truly amazed that the audio quality is so remarkable and yet the device is still so durable.”

“Worry-free adventure speaker”ecostone review

Tyler: “The sound is fantastic for such a small piece of equipment and it is fully waterproof as stated (I dropped it into the river from my kayak). I purchased a camera mount for my kayak to be used with this and I cannot think of a better way to listen to music on a kayak, all you have to do is be sure your iPhone or music device is fully waterproofed. All in all if you are an outdoorsy, adventurous type who wants to bring quality music along without worry, I have not found a better product.”

“Rugged and loud”

Danny Hintze: “So first things first, as a speaker this thing is amazing. The sound quality was simply fantastic, much better than I expected. I was sitting around a campfire with some people, and the conversation would actually die out so we could listen to the music. I mean, it was that good.

I appreciated the design of the flashlight, the button is put right where your thumb falls when you carry it by the handle, and it lights your way perfectly. It’s the kind of design element that is very basic, but is incredibly awesome once you notice how many situations it turns out to be surprisingly functional in.

The battery life was great. I haven’t tested the waterproofing yet, but I definitely believe it can take both water and a beating from the way it is built.”

Check out the ECOSTONE and see for yourself why it’s getting amazing reviews!

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