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Grace Digital Granted New Patents

Grace Digital Granted New Patents On ECOXGEAR Branded Portable Wireless Waterproof Speakers

SAN FRANCISCO – (April 11, 2016) – Grace Digital Inc., an innovator in the world of internet radios and speakers of a wide variety of award-winning wired and wireless portable and home audio solutions, is the proud official US Patent holder on Portable Wireless Waterproof Speakers. This patent recognizes all technology and inventions launched under the ECOXGEAR brand, known for its long-standing waterproof and wireless speakers. After working toward this goal for several years, Patent No. 9,307,307 granted on April 5, 2016 is held by Grace Digital Inc. and only serves to further inspire and protect continued innovation.

“This new patent added to our portfolio of design and utility patents will help us create the best products for our consumers” said Greg Fadul, Chief Executive Office of Grace Digital. “With this protection of our intellectual property and ideas, innovation will foster in the workplace and allow us to continue to lead this market.”

Grace Digital’s newest patent covers, most importantly, a portable speaker system comprising of a waterproof enclosure, a wireless communication element and a set of speakers. Waterproof and water-resistance is typically defined as a Bluetooth speaker that claims IPX5, IPX7, IP65, IP67 or greater protection, and with this new patent, ECOXGEAR, will move forward and continue to improve on an already innovative speaker and design.

We have put forth great effort in providing the best technology and with that comes the importance in protecting the ideas, both past and forthcoming. With the protections of Grace Digital’s intellectual property, the company hopes to grow and provide the best support to its consumers.

Grace Digital has begun the process of communicating with entities that infringe our patents. As we continue to increase our patent portfolio to support our technology improvements and new designs, it’s important that we ensure that the market innovates, rather than simply copies our inventions.  “We are as excited about our new 2016 line up of waterproof audio solutions as we are about driving the market to innovate.” Fadul said

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