How Not to Ruin Your Phone at the Beach

It’s finally March which means spring and summer are sneaking up on us! Before you know it, you’ll be at the beach enjoying the sun and sand. Since we’ve been enjoying the beach year-round in San Diego, we are pretty much 10904607_998040916877259_1714340578476543093_opros at protecting and/or fixing our gadgets at the beach. We love enjoying the beach with our waterproof, Bluetooth speakers, but with great power come great responsibility. Bringing your Bluetooth speaker to the beach is awesome, especially since ours are waterproof because you can jam out to your music with no worry of damaging your speakers. But what you may not think about is your smartphone you’re streaming your music from. Unless you have a waterproof case, there’s a chance your phone could get ruined. But no need to worry, we got you covered!

If your phone gets sand in it: Don’t freak out! Get a can of compressed air to blow the sand out of all the little crevices

If your phone gets mud in it: Try using a sticky surface, like tape to roll over the mud and get it out. Using the compressed air canister should help too.

If your phone gets wet: We all know this one, but let your phone sit in rice to soak up all the water. Also, make sure to take out your battery and SIM card immediately!

See no need to worry about taking your phone to the beach now! Enjoy blasting all of your favorite tunes from your ECOXGEAR Bluetooth speaker without worrying about ruining your speaker or phone. Cheers to a great spring and summer!