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Last-Minute April Fools Pranks

April 1st is a great day for many reasons. It’s the first day of April (which means we’re one step closer to summer), the weather is finally starting to heat up AND it’s April Fool’s Day! If you’re looking to pull one over on someone, we’ve got some great last-minute ideas for the pranksters out there.

  1. There’s the classic fill the Oreo with toothpaste prank. All you need to do is buy some Oreos and replace the filling with toothpaste.funny-aprils-fool-office-pranks-17
  2. If you’re at work, you can always tape an air horn to the bottom a coworker’s chair, or on a wall next to a door.
  3. Put talcum powder in a blow dryer. The next time your friend turns on their blow dryer, they will be greeted with a white, powdery face.
  4. Take someone’s phone and change the language to a foreign language.
  5. Post an ad on Craigslist with your friend’s phone number.
  6. Head in a jar prank. This one will be sure to scare some people and may need a little more instruction.
  7. Cover someone’s car in post-it notes.
  8. Add baking soda to ketchup.
  9. Hide in a box.
  10. Make someone an ice cream sundae (using mashed potatoes).
  11. Check out the best April Fools pranks of 2015 so far here. 

We are no stranger to pranking here at ECOXGEAR. Check out when we completely wrapped our coworker’s desk in tinfoil.


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