What’s Different About Our Speakers?

ECOXGEAR prides itself on having WATERPROOF speakers, from Bluetooth options to speaker cases. While there are other water-resistant and waterproof speakers out there, ECOXGEAR speakers are different than our competitors. Here are some details on the difference between us and our competitors.

Polycarbonate vs. ABS plastic

There are two main reasons why Polycarbonate is superior to ABS: First, polycarbonate is up to 10 times stronger than ABS so if you drop our speakers, you don’t have to worry. Our competitors use ABS which is the same plastic found in cheap toys that easily break (they use ABS because it is much cheaper). Second, ABS deforms when in extreme heat and cold so on a hot day, ABS can easily deform its shape. When a competitor speaker gets rained on or a beer spilled on it, the chances that the speaker is ruined increases each time the speaker is out in the sun. In cold weather, the ABS contracts itself instead of expands.


Temperature Tested Components

Competitive solutions are typically just indoor products with some silicon gaskets over the connections. At ECOXGEAR, we use temperature specified internal components to ensure they can handle the extreme heat day in and day out and not fail over time.

Waterproof Speaker Cones

Our speakers have special waterproofing and UV protection coating. Competitors don’t do that because it costs more, and it is significantly more difficult to optimize the audio.  We provide both a better audio performance and speaker protection from water and damaging UV rays.

Shock Protected PCB Boards and Circuitry

We utilize special shock absorbing material and rubber shock absorbers externally and internally to ensure when dropped the PC board is not damaged.

Pressure Valves

If the units are truly 100% waterproof, you need air pressure valves to equalize the pressure inside and out of the speaker to keep the speakers from deformation.  Competitive solutions don’t have the valves which mean either audio quality will significantly reduce over time or they are not truly watertight. Our pressure valves utilize a proprietary material that allows air to move in and out without water getting in.

16104_919491348065550_7938491759846454314_nPass IPX7, IPX8 AND Military Specifications 810G

As you can see from the above explanations, just passing an IPX7 test doesn’t mean the product will be waterproof, rugged, and provide years of enjoyment. You need all the features of a TRUE waterproof product like ECOXGEAR.   Additionally, we have passed not only IPX7 but IPX8 which we have done numerous test, some longer than 30 minutes and others deeper than 3 feet.  Lastly, we have passed the military specifications of 810G that also confirms our waterproofing but also adds extreme cold and heat testing as well as blowing sand at over 100 miles per hour.

Check out all of our WATERPROOF speakers at our website.

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