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Did you know that Grace Digital has a new page on Amazon? With this new home on Amazon, customers can find great deals and prices on both Grace Digital products and ECOXGEAR products.

For anyone unfamiliar with our Grace Digital line of products, we have a great line of audio solutions to choose from. Ranging from internet radios, home audio, business audio, and outdoor audio, Grace Digital has something for every music lover.MONDO_Red_Hero

Some of our most popular internet radios are the Primo and Mondo. The Primo Wi-Fi Receiver, provides free internet radio to your home stereo. Our popular internet radio, the Mondo Wi-Fi Music Player lets you enjoy your tunes while effortlessly navigating through the icon-based menu system.

For anyone interested in home audio solutions, we also carry Bluetooth options in our Grace Digital brand. Our 3 Play Bluetooth Receiver allows you to simultaneously connect up to three Bluetooth-enabled devices at once. There is also the BT Speakers, completely wireless Bluetooth speakers.

MINI-BULLET-4Grace Digital outdoor audio offers your favorite ECOXGEAR products as well as some other additions. The Mini-Bullets II, Rock Sounders, and Schooners II are all wireless outdoor speakers that are also water-resistant.

We also offer great deals and prices on our ECOXGEAR products on Amazon as well, so make sure to check it out (often) as we will be updating the page and offering new prices and deals regularly!

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