Don’t Forget Your Speaker for the World Series

Bring ECOXGEAR to Watch the World Series


Tonight marks the last game of the World Series with the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals. After the Royals forced a game 7, the ending to the 2014 World Series is bound to be epic. If you’re an avid baseball fan, you’re sure not going to want to miss this game. Whether you’re watching the game at a bar, with friends, or at home, don’t forget to bring your ECOXGEAR speaker to bring your experience to the next level.

Bluetooth Speakers to Accompany World Series

While most of us will be watching the game on TV, depending on where we are, we might not be able to hear the game. Going to a packed bar, or a party with friends may not allow you to hear the game as well as you like. Luckily, since we carry a line of Bluetooth speakers, you can stream the game straight from your Bluetooth-enabled device. Just sync your ECOXBT, ECOROX, or ECOSTONE to your device and stream the game immediately. Now, you don’t need to worry about missing a second of tonight’s game.

Speaker Cases to Accompany World Series

If you don’t own one of our Bluetooth speakers, but own one of our speaker cases, like the ECOEXTREME or ECOTERRA, you can also listen to the game from your speaker. Just stream the game from your smartphone and you’ll be able to not only watch the game from your TV, but hear it perfectly from your speaker.

Going to a World Series party or a bar to catch the game? No need to worry about spilling your drinks on your speaker, because they’re 100% WATERPROOF! Want to make an unforgettable entrance into the party tonight? Do what we saw one Giants fan did and march into the bar with your Bluetooth speaker in tow blasting some awesome tunes. Whether you’re rooting for the Giants or Royals tonight, bring your ECOXGEAR speaker along to truly get the whole experience!

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