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ECOTERRA Amazon Reviews

Summer vacation for some has already started and for others, summer trips are just around the corner. Whether you’ll be heading to the lake, river, pool, ocean, or wherever you go to keep cool, our ECOTERRA makes the perfect outdoor companion for summer. If you haven’t heard about our highly popular ECOTERRA, it’s a waterproof boombox that houses and plays any MP3 player. It’s always been one of our favorite must-haves of summer, but don’t take our word for it, check out these Amazon customer reviews:


Howard D.: “If you are looking for a watertight and compact boombox which has great sound I would recommend this little jewel of a sound system. I bought mine on Amazon about 2 years ago and I have it in my backyard, at my beachhouse, and in the boat. We live on the Gulf and the salt spray is tough on everything but this little boombox is just the thing. The system is battery powered by standard AA batteries which stay charged for a very long time.”

Maranda G.: “I bought this radio to take on a river float over Memorial Day weekend – while I was skeptical about their promises, I grabbed a cheap MP3 player and went on down in the canoe.

We high centered on a rock and the canoe turned up on it’s side, and the radio was taking on the force of the rapids, right into the speakers. I thought for sure, this thing had to be done, especially since it took us about three minutes to the raft off the rock. I brought it back to shore, turned it on, and boom – it was working perfectly.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a true waterproof device. I admit I was quite impressed.”

Michelle W.: “Can not say enough good things about this product. Had it now 7 months it’s gone down the Missouri river 10 times this summer on 9 1/2 hours floats I’ve only changed batteries once. Works like a champ and it has not leaked yet. Customer service got back to me next day when I emailed question about filter. Great customer service worth. I would buy another one.”

To check get your very own ECOTERRA or to check out our entire line of waterproof speakers, visit our website.

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