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ECOXBT Customer Story

We love hearing customer stories and how much people enjoy our products! Although we may just be an audio company, having the ability to bring your music with you whenever and wherever you go is something we believe is very important.

fall love

T. Dewhurst is from Spiritwood, Saskatchewan and recently purchased an ECOXBT. He owns a campground in the area and spends a lot of time outside and was looking for a speaker to take on a trip. He said, “I purchased one of these speakers to take on a trip and was surprised how well it worked. I then bought another one for use in our side by side UTV and from general riding to going ice fishing in 15 below zero weather not a problem. As of now one sits in my shower and the other in our side by side. We use this product every day and just wanted to say how much I appreciate the quality of your product. I am a well pleased customer. In this day and age it is hard to find quality like this. Thank you very much.”

It has always been our mission to create products that our customers can bring anywhere and not worry about damage, even in 15 BELOW ZERO weather! If you have a customer story you’d like to share with us, feel free, we love hearing about all the amazing places our speakers have been!

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