ECOXGEAR Customer Erica Gutting:

Last summer, Erica Gutting lent her phone to her boyfriend while he duckied a local river. Erica’s boyfriend had wanted to use her phone to listen to music with the ECOEXTREME and attach it to one of the duckies.

Overnight, a tree had fallen across the river creating a new strainer that her boyfriend came across and barely escaped. Unfortunately, the ducky carrying the ECOEXTREME was not so lucky. Erica’s boyfriend was unable to get the ducky out of the strainer and had to leave it and planned to go back when the river was lower and he could safely move the boat.

A few days later, when Erica’s boyfriend returned, he saw that the tree had shifted and that the boat had moved deeper in the river. Erica then began to worry that her phone was gone after searching the area for two weeks.Customer story with ECOEXTREME

A couple days later, Erica then received a message that someone in town had her phone. “The ECOEXTREME had kept my phone safe and dry in the Fraser River for two weeks and someone had found the boat and gear and his daughter had assisted him in charging the phone and finding the owner.” Erica continued, “So, not only does your product make for an enjoyable time on the river by providing tunes, it was what saved us from losing a $500 ducky and half of our paddling gear. Thank you very much for making quality products!”

ECOXGEAR Customer Lee Norris:

Our newest product, the ECOSTONE Bluetooth speaker, besides being waterproof comes with some new features. Along with having an LED flashlight, the ECOSTONE also has a USB smartphone charger.

These features helped Lee Norris after his power went out due to a transformer blowing up. Lee looked to the ECOSTONE to help him contact help. “First thing I grabbed was the Stone. I knew it had a light, my phone was dead, plugged it in and was able to call the city.”

Customer story with ECOSTONE Because he was able to call the city, the power was back up in 20 minutes.

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