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Where’s Bixby

Imagine traveling around the country with just your bike and your best friend. For Mike and his dog, Bixby, that’s been their life for quite some time now. Traveling nearly 7,000 miles and still on the road, Mike and Bixby have caught the attention of many Americans.Bixby and Mike in Colorado with their ECOXBT

How Where’s Bixby All Began

After living in Austin, Texas for almost 8 years, Mike decided he needed more adventure in his life and credits his journey to starting when his friend gave him a Burning Man ticket. He quit his jobs, sold his belongings, grabbed Bixby and hit the road. After Burning Man, Mike and Bixby spent a few months traveling around the country via rideshares on Craigslist. It was then in Big Bend that Mike and Bixby met Tim and Noah Hussin who were a year and a half in to a cross country bicycle ride. Their story inspired Mike and he bought a Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike that he could mount a dog crate on to and from there, Mike and Bixby’s big adventure began. Of course, on any trip, music is a necessity and after seeing reviews of the ECOXBT, Mike decided to get one for their adventure and has not been disappointed.  “We love our ECOXBT.” Mike continued, “I found a handlebar bag that it fit inside of like a glove and now it’s traveled with us nearly 7,000 miles allowing us to jam the whole way.”

Where’s BixbyBixby and friends with ECOXBT

Along their journey, Mike and Bixby started to attract a lot of new attention as not many people are traveling around the country with their bike and dog in tow. Mike decided to take advantage of this spotlight and bring attention to dog adoption as Bixby was a rescue dog. Mike had adopted Bixby from the Town Lake Animal Shelter in Austin, Texas when she was only a few months old. Becoming somewhat of a phenomenon, “Where’s Bixby” was created to keep people updated with Mike and Bixby’s adventures around the country while drawing attention to adopting 4-legged friends. While Mike and Bixby have been all over the country, Mike says there are some places that truly stand out in his mind. One of those was pedaling over the Brooklyn Bridge as well as a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.

Bixby Jamming Out With the ECOXBT

Mike and Bixby listen to a lot of different music, but because the ECOXBT is Bluetooth, they can stream NPR and Pandora. “I know I embarrass my poor pup all the time. People see and hear me everywhere we go just pedaling my bike with my dog while singing “Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Yay, Bow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Yay!” Mike says the ECOXBT is also great for GPS as the voice will come through the speaker telling him where to turn. “When I first discovered this function I had to stop and hug my ECOXBT.” Mike said, “What a great feature! I can also take calls through it and send voice texts.” Mike says they even made a friend in Key Largo when he saw someone unboxing an ECOXBT like his own.Where's Bixby and friends with ECOXBTs

Mike and Bixby are still on their journey and hope to spend New Year’s in Southern California. After this amazing experience, Mike is even considering writing a novel about their travels. To learn more about Where’s Bixby, check out their Facebook and website. To learn more about the ECOXBT and ECOXGEAR, check out our site.

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