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ECOXGEAR March Newsletter

Meet Some of Our Women Ambassadors

March is National Women’s History Month. In celebration of a month that highlights the events and accomplishments of women, we thought we’d introduce you to some of our awesome female ECOXGEAR ambassadors.

Chanel Hason: Chanel is a marine biologist and naturalist at the Jacques Cousteau Ambassadors of the Environment Program in Puerto Rico. She was also Miss Scuba USA 2013, Miss Scuba International, Miss Marine Conservation, and Miss Best Diver. As a water lover, Chanel says, “Salt water runs through my veins, so I need things around me to be okay with getting splashed now and then”.

Faith Fay: Faith is an actress, mentor, inspirational speaker, and surfer from Hawaii. You may recognize her from movies such as Soul Surfer, Life, and on television shows like Lost and Beyond the Break. Currently, Faith is putting time into Walking On Water, Project Rescue, the 10th Annual Switchfoot Bro Am, and Cobian’s new campaign “Every Step Matters”.


Rachel Ellis: Rachel is a certified SUP yoga instructor and owner of “On The Pond Fitness & Rentals” in Utah. Mastering sweet poses on and off her SUP board, Rachel says, “I LOVE that I can take my ECOXGEAR products out on the lake with me while teaching a SUP yoga class or on a solo paddle with no worry if it is going to get wet or keep working! Best invention!”

Take 30% Off on Us

St. Patrick’s Day is all about Luck of the Irish. Even if you’re not Irish celebrate some St. Patty’s day luck on us with 30% off all new ECOXGEAR products. Just enter promo code Lucky30 at checkout for your discount.


With the weather starting to heat up, beach time is just around the corner. Check out our blog to learn how to keep your phone safe at the beach!

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