ECOXGEAR Unveils Marine Audio and Lighting Innovations

ECOXGEAR Unveils Marine Audio and Lighting Innovations

Amplify the Sound and Illuminate your ride, with the industry’s 1st multi-zone Marine Radios with built-in LED controllers

Houston, Texas - (September 12, 2023) - ECOXGEAR, an innovator in the world of rugged and element-proof audio, proudly introduces its new Marine Radio line under its SoundExtreme brand, equipped with 2 wired zones and 1 wireless audio zone, along with an integrated 4-zone LED Controller.

The SoundExtreme Marine Radio features the industry's first built-in LED controller. This technology is set to transform how the boating, powersports, and golf cart industries experience onboard entertainment. This cutting-edge patent pending technology empowers consumers to personalize both their audio and lighting experience with multiple audio and LED custom and controllable zones. Users can effortlessly adjust each zone independently or simultaneously, enhancing their ambiance to match their mood and surroundings.

“It’s time to shake up the industry. Most competitor’s marine radios are based on 1990’s technology and haven’t offered anything new since then. By designing a new radio platform from the ground up we were able to add our two most popular proprietary technologies: ECOCAST for wireless audio control and synchronization and LEDcast for RGBIC LED lighting control,” says Greg Fadul, CEO of SoundExtreme.

The Marine Radios come equipped with a 2-zone wired amplifier and built-in 1-zone ECOCAST audio synchronization technology. Users harness the ability to control the volume of all wired speakers and wirelessly manage any ECOXGEAR and SoundExtreme products with ECOXGEAR’s proprietary ECOCAST technology including soundbars, tower speakers, subwoofers, and party speakers directly from the radio's front panel or the included RF remote.

"Our new LEDCast Smartphone app enables users to control the lights connected to our radios and facilitates grouping of the lights on all LEDcast-enabled products, including our new soundbars and tower speakers, as well as whips and strips for quick, one-press light mood changes," states Fadul.

Marine Radios are designed with IPX7 waterproof front panels, ensuring their resilience even in the most challenging weather conditions. Radio and Speaker bundles are also available, featuring SoundExtreme’s LEDCast Enabled 6.5” and 8” wired speakers. This product range allows users to create customized audio & lighting solutions within the expanding family of the SoundExtreme ecosystem. 

Rugged Radios & Speaker Kits are available on starting at $229.99 to $449.99.

About SoundExtreme by ECOXGEAR: 

Based in Houston, Texas, SOUNDEXTREME provides a family of 100% waterproof outdoor audio and LED light solutions with the highest levels of quality, support, and service. SOUNDEXTREME sells its products through major retailers, dealers, and distributors throughout North America. To learn more about ECOXGEAR products please visit them at WWW.SOUNDEXTREME.US.

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