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Photographer Takes ECOROX to Work

ECOXGEAR‘s ECOROX Bluetooth, waterproof speaker is known to be a great addition to music lovers for the outdoors. As a photographer for Bike and Kayak Tours in La Jolla, Caitlin Chesler spends a lot of her time outdoors and in the water. Chesler, a fellow San Diegan and student at Northern Arizona University landed her dream summer job of spending days at the beach while pursuing her passion of photography.

ECOROX Goes to Work

kayak photographer holds her ECOROX speaker

Spending hours out in a kayak photographing customers touring La Jolla cove, Chesler says she has taken her ECOROX with her wherever she goes.  “I like having the ECOROX with me at work because it lets me listen to my music when I am out on the water waiting for tours to come to the cave, where I take photos.” Chesler continued, “I don’t have to worry about it getting damaged when it gets wet and I can stick it on to the kayak so that it doesn’t get lost.”

ECOROX is Portable Fun

After winning a photo contest last summer, Chesler won an ECOROX and has used it every day since. “At home I leave the speaker in my shower so that I can listen to music without having to keep my phone in the bathroom with me. I also bring it with me in the pool because I can leave my phone with my towel and listen to my music while relaxing.”

From blasting tunes out in the ocean to in the shower, the ECOROX is the perfect speaker for your everyday activities. Make sure to check out all our portable, Bluetooth, WATERPROOF speakers at our website to help make your summer full of fun.

ECOROX out in the ocean

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