SoundExtreme by ECOXGEAR's High-Powered Custom Amplifiers Elevate Electric Vehicle Audio Experiences

SoundExtreme by ECOXGEAR's High-Powered Custom Amplifiers Elevate Electric Vehicle Audio Experiences

Revolutionizing the Ride: SoundExtreme's High-Powered Custom Amplifiers Elevate Electric Vehicle Audio Experiences

Houston, Texas. - (January 22, 2024) - ECOXGEAR, under their SOUNDEXTREME powersports brand, a leading name in cutting-edge audio technology, proudly introduces the industry's first high-powered digital audio amplifiers exclusively crafted to integrate directly with 48v to 72v Electric Vehicles (EVs) without the need for step-down converters.

The SoundExtreme 4-Channel EV3004 Amplifier and the SoundExtreme 1-Channel EV30011 Monoblock Amplifier pump up the party in your electric golf car and electric vehicles (EVs) without step-down converters. With a hassle-free setup that requires no complex wiring, connect these amplifiers directly to your vehicle's 48v-72v battery to instantly add excitement and boom to your zoom. Packed with high power yet low distortion, these amplifiers are perfect in compact sizing. The built-in DSP crossover control provides the widest frequency filter adjustments, ranging from 20Hz-6Khz, 24 dB/Octave for high-pass to 55Hz to 6kHz, 24dB/Octave for low pass. The SoundExtreme 1-Channel EV30011 Monoblock Amplifier, in addition to the crossovers, bass, and treble settings, positions itself as the de facto standard for powering subwoofers or even audiophile-dedicated tweeters. Equipped with IPX67 waterproof certification, it can withstand any weather condition during your ride.

The SoundExtreme 4-Channel 30041 Amplifier and the SoundExtreme 1-Channel 30011 Monoblock Amplifier shine as ideal amplifiers for marine and power sport adventures with standard 12-volt batteries. Their loud and clear rugged power for music is tailored to tackle any land or sea adventure. Both boasting a marine-grade amplifier, these compact devices are sure to make you the life of the party. With an IPX67 waterproof certification, they confidently endure various weather conditions. The sealed die-cast aluminum chassis keeps the components free of water, dirt, sand, and salt. Delivering impressive power in a compact size, they are perfect for outdoor vehicles where space is a premium, catering to UTVs, ATVs, boats, and golf carts. The SoundExtreme 4-Channel 30041 Amplifier packs a punch, pumping out 4 channels of 75 watts of power at 4 ohms, while the SoundExtreme 1-Channel 30011 Monoblock Amplifier boasts a whopping 750 watts of peak power to a single subwoofer.

The amplifiers will be available in late March on and select dealers, starting from $299.99.

About SoundExtreme by ECOXGEAR:

Based in Houston, Texas, SOUNDEXTREME provides a family of 100% waterproof outdoor audio and LED light solutions with the highest levels of quality, support, and service. SOUNDEXTREME sells its products through major retailers, dealers, and distributors throughout North America. To learn more about ECOXGEAR products please visit them at WWW.SOUNDEXTREME.COM.



Max Borges Agency for ECOXGEAR;

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