The iPhone 6 is Here

The iPhone 6 is finally here and we are just as excited as you. With a larger and thinner design, the iPhone 6 is a new generation of iPhone that is likely to be a huge hit.

At ECOXGEAR, we pride ourselves on having great waterproof, portable speaker options for you and like to ensure that you will be able to play your favorite tunes with your music device. Luckily, all our products work with the iPhone 6. This means that if you already own one of our waterproof, portable speakers, your new iPhone will work perfectly with your existing ECOXGEAR product.

Maybe you are looking to get a new speaker along with your new iPhone. ECOXGEAR has great options for you, whether you want a Bluetooth speaker to sync up to your iPhone or a speaker case you put your iPhone in.ECOSTONE-RED-IN-WATER

If you’re looking for a new Bluetooth speaker to go along with your iPhone, look no further than our three great waterproof, Bluetooth speakers. Syncing wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device, the ECOXBT, ECOROX, and ECOSTONE Bluetooth speakers provide you with great sound as well as a built-in speaker phone.

Grace DigitalWe also have other options for those who may be looking for a speaker case. Our ECOTERRA stereo boombox  has a powerful amplifier and dual speakers. Simply plug your iPhone 6 into the boombox and blast your music through the speakers. Because the ECOTERRA is a  waterproof speaker case and boombox, you never have to worry about ruining your new iPhone.

The rugged design of all our products along with the fact that they’re all waterproof and float means you also never have to worry about ruining your speakers. The iPhone 6 is set to launch September 19th so make sure to get your ECOXGEAR speaker as the perfect complement to your new iPhone.

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