ECOXGEAR Ambassador Lucas Gomes

ECOXGEAR Ambassador Lucas Gomes

ECOXGEAR team rider, Lucas Gomes has been skimboarding for 7 years. Turning professional in 2013, Gomes began focusing on international competitions and media producing.

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Gomes spends most of his time at the beach skimboarding, bodysurfing, or snapping photos of waves with his GoPro. Gomes won the Rio Open in 2013 as well as winning a handful of second and third place finishes in different competitions.ECOXGEAR ambassador skimbaords in Rio

Gomes began skimboarding when his friend introduced him to it and hasn’t stopped since. He also enjoys traveling the world as much as possible so he can improve his skills in different kinds of conditions while also producing media and gaining new knowledge.

ECOXGEAR Ambassador Lifestyle

Right in line with the ECOXGEAR way of life, we knew Gomes would be a great fit as an ECOXGEAR ambassador.

“I wanted to be an ambassador for ECOXGEAR, first of all because of the amazing products and the level of innovation the brand has been achieving.” Gomes continued, “I think it goes along with my extroverted personality and my will to always improve as an athlete and as a person.”

Gomes said being an ECOXGEAR ambassador fits right into his lifestyle as he loves being at the beach and staying active all the time and he’s able to use the products whenever, wherever.

“Representing ECOXGEAR is really like living my usual life, except that I get to enjoy it even more!” Gomes said, “With music at the beach, shower, or anywhere I want, I feel like it’s not a tough responsibility to handle. I really like representing ECOXGEAR and working with such intelligent and thoughtful people.”

ECOXGEAR ambassador in water Gomes continues to travel the world skimboarding and has just finished up a tour in Southern California. With his ECOXGEAR Bluetooth, waterproof speakers on hand, Lucas can continue to live his adventurous lifestyle with great music wherever he goes.

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